Saturate Music Promo


Saturate Your Neighborhood!

1. TEXT “HOPE” to 97123 for Resources to Bless Your Neighborhood

2. Join/Support the SATURATE NYC movement!

3. Share this app!

4. Fill NYC with the Love of Jesus: JESUS WEEK

5. BLESS EVERY HOME to Pray for your neighborhood

Volunteer & Give

Help under-resourced children and youth: URBAN HOPE

Help families in need: CRU

Help inner-city youth: Young Life

Help under served children: Metro World Child

Explore volunteer opportunities: Hope for New York

Help NYC families and schools: World Vision

Reach and Teach NYC children: CEF

Purchase With Purpose

Buy great coffee and support youth outreach: 41 & Change Coffee Company

Donate farm animals to the under-resourced: World Vision

Translate a Bible verse for $35: TEXT “BIBLENYC” to 347 220-8503

Fight Trafficking with Wise Purchasing

The Brave Collection

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